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ABCD Las Vegas 4-Man Scramble on Saturday February 29th, 2020.

Four‐man teams are determined by blind draw. 

$30 per player

9:00AM Shotgun Start 

36 Players are in the field.


Tournament Format – ABCD Las Vegas Scramble

Tee Boxes – All players will use the WHITE TEE BOXES

Skins- Individual gross & net skin pots are available at check-in for $5 per player, per skin pot

Closest to the Pin - $25 GC Hole #9 A-players, Hole #4 B-players, Hole #16 C-players 

and Hole #12 D-players

Handicap Information - 75% of player’s current GHIN course handicap


Competition Rules


All tournament play is governed by USGA rules, except where covered by local rules.

Each player will hit a shot from the tee. The team determines the best tee shot and all players play their second shot from that spot. Once the team has determined the tee shot that will be used, all balls must be placed within one club length of where the original ball laid, no closer to the hole. In the event the tee shot ends on the green, all balls must be placed as close as possible to the original ball. In the event the tee shot lands in a hazard, the original ball must be played as it lies and the other players may place their ball within one club length. Lie cannot be improved e.g. balls in the rough or hazard must remain in the rough or hazard and balls cannot move from fringe onto the green. After the tee shot, each player plays their own ball (normal stroke play) from there until it is holed. The ball is played lift clean and place in your own fairway only after the tee shot. 

Record all players’ GROSS SCORES ONLY on the scorecard. The two best net scores on the hole will be the team score. If a player determines his score on a hole cannot help the team he should pick up to speed play.

During the course of play if you are in doubt as to how to proceed under a rule, play a second ball under USGA rule 3-3, make sure to declare which ball you wish to score with if the rules allow, and bring it up for a ruling with the tournament committee immediately following the round (this is required). The committee’s decision is final.

Distance Measuring Devices- Allowable under 2019 USGA rules. Player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only, not elevation, wind-speed, club selection, etc. These functions must be turned off. The penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional functions were actually used.

Relief from Embedded Ball– In general areas, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground, other than sand, may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped (knee height), as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.

Exceptional Score Policy – In accordance with association policy.

Tie Breaking Procedures - In accordance with association policy. 

Local Rules

Ground Under Repair- French drains, ropes used to secure trees, and piles of discarded aeration pellets are considered ground under repair (Rule 25-1 applies) 

Out of Bounds Specified Areas

Whole Course: chain-link course boundary fence poles or block walls.

Hole #9- wooden fence behind hole separating cart return area.

Hole #10- White stakes down the right side & fence surrounding maintenance building.

Hole #14- White stakes down the left side.

Out of bounds is define by the inside edge of the specified pole or stake at ground level


Changes to Out of Bounds Specified Areas

Holes #17 & #18 - White stakes down the right side will be played as RED stakes (lateral water hazard).

Arroyos - The concrete arroyo to the right of #11 and short of the #12 green is played as a lateral water hazard. The arroyo on #8 is played as ground under repair.

PACE OF PLAY – Play ready golf, honors are not necessary. Be ready to hit your shot, 20 seconds or less once it’s your turn. When sharing a cart, drive to the first ball and drop off the first player, then the second player should proceed in the cart to his ball. On the green read your putt while others are putting, don’t wait until it’s your turn. Rounds completed in 4 hours or less!


Spring Individual


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Saturday March 28th 7:30AM Shotgun start

Tournament Information

 Four‐man teams are determined by blind draw.  All four players tee off and select the best tee shot.  All four players play their second shot from where the best tee shot was located (same as a Scramble).  However, from the second shot on, all players play their own ball until holed.  The team score is determined by adding the best two individual scores. 

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