2018 Player of the Year

2018 Player of the Year Competition

The ADOGA will again hold the year long player of the year competition. Players win points in each tournament of the season. Current rules and standings are below.

Whats new for 2018

The ADOGA has revamped the way we are doing our Player of the Year Race in 2017. We made this change to try and best involve all members who play in our events and crown the player who leads the way with their great play this season. For the first time points will be awarded much in the same fashion as prize money. This new method will hopefully level the playing field for all of our players, low and high handicappers alike.

Winning Prize

8The 201 

2018 Player of the Year

Phillip Allers

Congratulations to Phillip Allers!

2017 Player of the Year

2017 Player of the Year, Robert Wise

Robert Wise

Congratulations to Robert Wise!